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Optimize Your Mitochondrial & Cellular Health

Science shows that maintaining mitochondrial health is crucial for overall cellular function, as mitochondria health impacts tissue and organ health. 


Mitochondria Dysfunction is implicated in various diseases, including: metabolic disorders (making weight loss tough), neurodegenerative diseases (losing memory, focus and recall), cardiovascular diseases, cancer and age-related decline.


Optimal mitochondrial function supports efficient energy metabolism, aiding in physical performance, cognitive function, and overall health vitality.

Mitochondria Targeted Dietary Supplements (available without a prescription) using Pharmaceutical Grade Methylene Blue in conjunction with other speciality ingredients provide the most versatile, effective and affordable approach for mitochondria health
Regardless of what health issues you are facing, want to achieve or want to prevent — optimal mitochondria health will help you on that journey.  
Best 365 Labs and our Medical Advisors can help you on your wellness journey directing you toward the best place to start and which products to consider using.

Pharmaceutical Grade Methylene Blue Products to Support Healthy Memory, Brain & Mitochondrial Function

Products to Support Metabolism & Immune Health

NeuroPro Plus

I like the tablet form of Methylene Blue, because it does not discolor your teeth, gums, mouth, or lips. However, you might find your pee a slight shade of blue. After taking these pills, I definitely feel more alert, better overall physical health, an uptick in mental happiness, and seem to have more drive to accomplish chores.


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Optimizing Mitochondrial Health.

Pharmaceutical Grade Methylene Blue Products for Mitochondrial Nutritional Support


Our Story

Our medical and alternative wellness team have a unified vision and mission to disrupt and improve consumer choices and results for their personal Health and Wellness. 
Harnessing the power of our clinically-tested IP (which has been perfected and refined through years of study) our suite of products have broad applications in brain and mental health; immune health; disease prevention alternatives. 
Using pharmaceutical grade Methylene Blue along with other specific nutrients in various applications and delivery mechanisms we are, and will push to be widely known, as the preferred choice for long term wellness that people can afford. 
It is time the disease and wellness industry meet together and make people healthy. We plan to be a driving force in this objective.

Methylene Blue’s high reward and low-risk profile makes it one of the most promising supplements available today.

Some Methylene Blue Benefits
  • Methylene blue generated connective tissue and slowed cellular death at a greater rate than other selective mitochondrial antioxidants.
  • In 2012, a study investigating the mechanisms of Methylene blue’s neuroprotective effects found that Methylene blue could reduce superoxide (potent free radical) production by acting as an alternative mitochondrial electron transfer carrier, as well as a recyclable antioxidant in mitochondria.
  • Methylene blue inhibits GABA receptor function by interacting with the GABA binding site. This could explain the compound’s positive effect on the CNS. 
  • Methylene Blue was shown to rescue the depletion of Dopamine in Parkinson’s Disease. (Smith et al., 2017).
  • Methylene Blue reduces the formation of amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles and partially repairs impairments in mitochondrial function and cellular metabolism. (Oz et al., 2009) Plaque formation is the hallmark of Alzheimer Disease.
  • Methylene Blue is hometic, which means its benefit is most pronounced at lower doses but produces the opposite effect at higher doses. (Rojas et al., 2011)

Groundbreaking products that support immune health and overall health and wellness with Best 365 Labs' Mineral Oxychloride.

Best 365 Labs team of Medical Advisors and Alternative Wellness Specialist has perfected, blended, and clinically-tested the combination of two technologies creating a natural trifecta of disruptive products that offer wide-ranging, natural support against allergens, viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms.

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