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Brain Fog Support

Be-OnGuard Brain Fog Support improves memory. One of the clinically-tested active ingredients in our formula Methylene Blue improves memory by increasing brain cell respiration. Or how the brain cell utilizes oxygen. Combined with our mineral oxide that naturally harnesses the power of oxygen,  you have a formula like none other. In addition, Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant.
What is in Brain Fog Support drops? Be-OnGuard Brain Fog Support  is an exclusive combination of tested nutrients only available in this formula including: Methylene Blue, Vitamin C and Mineral Oxides.
Be-OnGuard Brain Fog Support bottle
30 Doses
Plus Shipping & Handling

Why Choose Brain Fog Support

Improved mood, energy, and cognitive function

Improved memory formation and recall

Safe and well-tolerated both short- and long-term

Potent antioxidant protects cells from damage

Improves circulation and helps fight fatigue


Ingredients in Be-OnGuard Brain Fog Support

Mineral Oxides
  • Oxygen - Enhances unbound oxygen to dissolve in plasma where it can diffuse into surrounding tissue.
  • Anti-inflammatory - Oxidative properties that sustain inflammation are suppressed.
Methylene Blue
  • ATP Production - Easily crosses the blood brain barrier to start ATP production which is the fuel for mitochondrial energy.
  • Antioxidant - Powerful antioxidant that provides neuroprotection by destroying free radicals (superoxide).
  • Oxygen and ATP (sugar) - The brain requires an immense amount of Oxygen and sugar. Methylene Blue provides the chemical mechanisms for both.
Vitamin C
  • Antioxidant - The brain has 100x more Vitamin C that other tissues. When the brain is injured it losses Vitamin C immediately causing a deficit. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that protects the body against oxidative stress by destroying free radicals and replenishes Vitamin C. in the brain.


  • Is TBi-365 safe?
    Yes, TBi-365 Pills are formulated with carefully selected ingredients known for their safety and efficacy. However, if you have specific health concerns or conditions, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement regimen. Do not use if pregnant, nursing or think you might be pregnant. If questions consult your physician. Caution: Methylene Blue should not be used in patients who have glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency, as this may lead to hemolysis.
  • Is it normal for TBi-365 to turn my urine greenish/blue?
    Yes, TBi-365 Pills likely will turn your urine greenish/blue. This is perfectly normal and safe. It is a highly effective agent against UTIs, as it’s excreted by your kidneys into your bladder where it reaches very high concentrations and becomes a potent oxidant stress that kills virtually any pathogen there — without disrupting the microbiome the way antibiotics do. Plus, it has the additional “side effect” of improving brain health and reducing dementia, making it ideal for UTI treatment and natural prevention.
  • Is TBi-365 suitable for vegetarians/vegans?
    Yes, TBi-365 Pills are vegetarian-friendly.
  • Can I take TBi-365 with other supplements?
    TBi-365 Pills are designed to complement a balanced and healthy lifestyle. You can of course take other supplements and your needed prescription medicine. The Methylene Blue should not cause any issues with any SSRI drugs you may be taking at this lower dose. Most experts agree you can consume 1 mg of Methylene Blue per Kilogram you weigh.
  • Will taking the Neuro Pro Plus and the Methylene Blue make my urine Blue or Green?
    Methylene blue will most likely cause your urine or stools to appear blue or green in color. Methylene blue is metabolized in the body to leucomethylene blue which is excreted primarily in the urine. This is a normal side effect of the medication and will not cause any harm.
  • What are the key ingredients in Neuro Pro Plus tablets and what do they do?
    Methylene Blue – Mitochondrial dysfunction occurs when the number of mitochondria in certain cells is reduced, resulting in less energy to fuel those cells. This results in neuronal loss. Methylene blue crosses the blood brain barrier to start ATP production which is the fuel for mitochondrial energy. It also reroutes mitochondrial electron transfers which may help with increasing the expression of brain cytochrome oxidase. Defects in the mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase have been associated with brain/cognition issues. Even in low doses Methylene blue aids in short-term memory task and memory retrieval. Vitamin C – An essential nutrient of the brain, Vitamin C protects the brain against oxidative stress. Vitamin C also plays a role in the differentiation and maturation of neurons and in the formation of the myelin sheath that protects them and speeds impulse transmission, making the vitamin crucial to cognitive performance. When the brain is injured or victim of neurodegenerative disorders it loses Vitamin C. This allows for increased inflammation and free radical development. Vitamin C destroys free radicals thus reducing inflammation.
  • What is the recommended dosage and best way to take Neuro Pro Plus?
    The recommended dose for NEURO PRO Plus is one or two tablets a day. Methylene Blue is a hormetic which means that the lower the dose the more effective. Efficacy has been shown between 8mg -16mg.
  • References
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  • Who can benefit from taking Neuro Pro Plus?
    Neuro Pro Plus has been shown to improve glutathione deficiency, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, inflammation, insulin resistance, endothelial dysfunction, genotoxicity, muscle strength, and cognition. Basically, this means anyone who is wanting to improve their brain health and general well-being can benefit from this product.
  • Does the Methylene Blue interfere with the SSRI drugs?
    At the doses recommended for NEURO PRO Plus there should be no problems. However, if you are taking an SSRI consider consulting your healthcare provider.
  • Should anyone not take Neuro Pro Plus?
    People with the medical conditions Severe Renal Insufficiency, G6PD and Heinz Body Anemia should consult their medical provider before Neuro Pro Plus. Women that are pregnant or breastfeeding or may be pregnant should not take Neuro Pro Plus. At the doses recommended for NEURO PRO Plus there should be no problems for people on SSRI. However, if you are taking an SSRI consider consulting your healthcare provider prior to starting.
  • What type of issues would the Be-OnGuard Brain Fog Support help with?
    The active ingredients in Be-OnGuard Brain Fog Support provide memory-enhancing effects. In addition, it is an effective antidepressant, and It helps with anti-aging, dementia, Huntington’s, and Alzheimer’s. It can improve cognition in healthy people, boost mitochondrial function, is an anti-microbial, and help eliminate fear and even slow skin aging. Provides mind fog help to those wanting to support their brain and mind health.
  • Why is the Brain Fog Support liquid more/less blue than it was the last time I purchased it?
    Methylene blue while sitting undergoes a transformation when it spontaneously changes from blue to yellow or clear, depending on how long it has been sitting. This is because sitting causes a loss of electrons in solution. When shaken, the electrons rebind and the solution turns blue. This is called a redox chemical reaction. This is demonstrated in the classic Blue Bottle experiment where Methylene Blue is considered a redox agent. Meaning it cycles between oxidized and reduced forms. In this experiment it is combined with glucose and sodium hydroxide in a closed bottle containing some air. Left sitting for a time the blue solution turns colorless due to reduction of Methylene blue by the alkaline glucose solution. Shaking the bottle oxidizes Methylene blue back into its blue form. This cycling between blue to clear and back can be repeated multiple times. This is a classic chemistry experiment studying chemical kinetics and reaction mechanisms.
  • What best way to take Be-OnGuard Brain Fog Support Daily?
    First thing in the morning, take one full dropper full. Be careful not to get the liquid on any clothing or furniture cause it can stain.
  • What is in Be-Onguard Brain Fog Support?
    SUPPLEMENT FACTS Servings per container: 30, Serving Size: 1 Dropper Full, Amount Per Serving: Vitamin C 10mg (16% DV), Methylene Blue 10mg (*). *DV not established. OTHER INGREDIENTS: Mineral Oxides, RO Water, Natural Flavor, Stevia.
  • How should I feel taking Be-OnGuard Brain Fog Support?
    Users have reported the most significant nootropic effect that they have experienced. This is because you take in the information, and your brain stores it in a form you can easily access later. Science argues that the active ingredients in Be-OnGuard Brain Fog Support have an uncanny ability to rewire your brain to forget about any negative associations you have of a situation while only retaining the positive aspects of that memory. Some report using it makes them “feel young again” and “eliminates their social anxiety, “ leaving them feeling focused and more confident. In addition, people report less stress, more energy, and an overall relaxed state of mind.
  • Can Be-OnGuard Brain Fog Support improve memory?
    One of the clinically-tested active ingredients in our formula Methylene Blue improves memory by increasing brain cell respiration. Or how the brain cell utilizes oxygen. Combined with our mineral oxide that naturally harnesses the power of oxygen, you have a formula like none other. In addition, Vitamin C and Methylene Blue act as powerful antioxidants through different mechanisms.
  • What makes the Be-OnGuard Brain Fog Support so special?
    It is the only product on the market that combines Mineral Oxides, Methylene Blue, and Vitamin C. Each one by itself offers enormous benefits and support for Brain Fog and general health and wellness.
  • Should I be nervous if my urine turns blue?
    Not at all. It is perfectly normal. It does not happen with everyone, but it can happen.
  • Is the Blue Methylene in Be-OnGuard Brain Fog Support safe for long-term use?
    All the current data show there appear to be no issues using Be-OnGuard Brain Fog Support for long-term use. In fact, the research argues that you should use the actives on Be-OnGuard Brain Fog Support daily for as long as you want to protect and nourish your brain naturally.
  • References
    Giesbrecht T, Rycroft JA, Rowson MJ, De Bruin EA. The combination of L-theanine and caffeineimproves cognitive performance and increasessubjective alertness. Nut Neurosci. 2010 Dec;13(6):283-90. do: 10.1179/147683010X12611460764840. PMID: 21040626. Ramsay RR, Dunford C, Gillman PK. Methylene blue and serotonin toxicity: inhibition of monoamine oxidase A (MAOA) confirms a theoretical prediction. Br J Pharmacol. 2007 Nov; 152(6):946-51. doi: 10.1038/sj.bjp.0707430. Epub2007 Aug 27. PMID:17721552; PMCID: PMC2078225.
  • Who does ADHD-365 tablets help and is there anyone that should using ADHD-365 tablets?
    The ingredients in ADHD-365 have been shown to benefit people the following conditions: Decreased alertness Poor Behavioral Performance Decreased focus Decreased attention span Decreased Cognitive Function Fatigue Impulse Control Intermittent Explosive Disorders Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Attention Deficit Disorder Memory recall Post Concussion Disorders Traumatic Brain Injury People that suffer from Alzheimer's Disease Parkinson's Disease Bipolar Disorder Dementia Poor Mood Stress and Anxiety Lack of Energy Poor Circulation Depression
  • Will ADHD-365 tablets cause me to have a hard time sleeping?
    No. Taking them first thing in the morning will energize, focus and help and then throughout the day. The great thing is we designed them to work with and not fight your natural sleep cycles.
  • Is ADHD-365 tablets safe to use if I am on antidepressant medications?
    In general anyone taking an antidepressant should consult their medical provider when entertaining taking any natural or synthetic product that can affect brain chemistry. Though taking the recommended doses of ADHD-365 should not cause side effects, we advise discussing the use of this compound with one's medical provider.
  • Will taking ADHD-365 tablets potentially turn my urine a green blue shade, and if so is there anything I should worry about?
    There is a slight possibly of the urine turning blue as a result taking ADHD-365. This is a result of the Methylene Blue in its composition. Methylene Blue is blue because of a commonly used dye, indigo carmine. This is a dye that is used in medical radiographic procedures to map the brain, evaluate the lymphatic or cardiovascular system, stain organs or stain cells. There is no risk with urine turning blue as this is a result of the dye being eliminated from the body.
  • What is the best way to take ADHD-365 Tablets?
    Swallow 1 to 4 pills as needed with liquid. Do not exceed 8 pills daily. Swallow. Do not chew.
  • What makes ADHD-365 tablets special and patent pending?
    The ADHD-365 tablet is a unique product. The addition of Methylene Blue to the L-Theanine/Caffeine compound increases and expands the beneficial effects of the combination. Caffeine is a stimulant, while L-Theanine promotes relaxation and reduces stress levels. In the body they balance the effects of each other to increase productivity and improve mental clarity (they have a synergistic effect). Studies have shown reduced stress and anxiety levels when preforming task while taking this compound. This is a popular combination for many professionals and students. In the brain, Methylene Blue prevents dopamine and serotonin from breaking down. (Ramsey et. al., 2007) Dopamine and serotonin are essential for cognitive function. By increasing levels of these neurotransmitters, Methylene Blue can provide significant benefits to cognitive performance, memory, focus, learning, mood and overall well-being. Adding Methylene Blue to L-Theanine and Caffeine increases the potential of the compound overall. This combination has not been commercially available to date.
  • How much L-Theanine, Caffeine and Methylene Blue is in ADHD-365 tablets?
    Each serving (4 tablets) contains L-Theanine 400 mg, Caffeine 200 mg and Methylene Blue 10mg. Stacking L-Theanine and Caffeine as a compound work synergistically to increase performance and reduce anxiety when a person performs stressful tasks. Studies have shown that a 2:1 ratio of L-Theanine to Caffeine is the perfect combination. (Giesbrecht, 2010). Methylene Blue has been shown to benefit the brain in memory recall, impulse control, and multiple neurodegenerative diseases.

Supplement Facts

Be-OnGuard Brain Fog Support bottle and dropper
Feel clearer fast. Medical Doctor Tested and Developed.
30 Doses
 Plus Shipping & Handling
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