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The Remarkable Benefits of Methylene Blue in Regenerative Medicine w/Dr. Warren and Dan Schmitt from Best 365 Labs

The Dr. Joy Kong Podcast

Dr. Steven Warren and Dan Schmidt from Best 365 Labs join me today to discuss the transformative potential of methylene blue. From Dr. Warren's experience with treating post-COVID brain fog to the development of their non-staining oral formulation, they are at the forefront of innovative health solutions.

We get into the history of methylene blue, learning about its evolution from a simple textile dye to a powerful medical agent capable of combating infections and poisonings. It's amazing to think that something once used so casually in psychiatric hospitals to monitor patient compliance could now be a key player in enhancing brain function and longevity.

Choosing the right brain health supplement can be a daunting task, especially for those dealing with ADHD or brain fog. Dr. Warren and Dan explain how methylene blue supports ATP production, offering a natural source of energy and focus. They also address the compatibility of methylene blue with SSRIs, which relates to concerns about serotonin syndrome.

We’ll hear about different offerings from Best 365 Labs, including the “travel pack” that Dr. Warren encourages everyone to bring when going anywhere with lots of people. With the ongoing need for strong immune systems, it's great to know there are products out there that can provide an additional layer of protection.

Tailoring your supplement intake can lead to improved focus and energy levels, and we share firsthand accounts of those who've experienced the remarkable benefits of methylene blue products. By sharing stories of profound personal impacts, including women proclaiming methylene blue as a “miracle product,” we underscore the importance of learning as an ongoing adventure.


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