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Ask Dr. Warren M.D., Ph.D.

Volume 1 No. 4 |

Ask Dr. Warren MD, PhD. Q&A 4

This email series is dedicated to helping people understand some of the techniques and strategies I use to help people stay healthy, avoid illnesses and get the most out of every dollar they spend on their health.


What is the best way you can protect yourself from Cold, Flu, RSV and Covid while I travel?



Dear Travel Enthusiasts,

As a healthcare professional, I understand the paramount importance of maintaining your health while on the move, especially in the face of prevalent viruses like the cold, flu, RSV, and Covid. That's why I'm thrilled to introduce a dynamic duo that will become your perfect travel companions – Be-OnGuard Nasal Spray and Be-OnGuard Mouth Spray, available online as well as 400+ Medical clinics at the current time.

Be-OnGuard Nasal Spray is a powerful defense against airborne pathogens. With a specialized formula designed to moisturize nasal passages and create a protective barrier, it acts as a frontline shield, preventing the intrusion of viruses and bacteria. Ideal for crowded places like airports and public transport, this nasal spray is your go-to solution for fortifying your respiratory health during travel.

Complementing this, our Be-OnGuard Mouth Spray, which is formulated to target the oral cavity, an often-overlooked entry point for pathogens. By leveraging potent antimicrobial agents, it helps neutralize germs in the mouth and throat, providing an added layer of protection against infections. Whether you're in close quarters with fellow travelers or exploring new destinations, this mouth spray is an essential tool in your health arsenal.


Together, these two sprays create a robust defense system, working synergistically to enhance your immune resilience while you embark on your adventures. Travel should be a source of joy, not a potential risk to your well-being.


Visit or ask your Dr. to learn more about how Be-OnGuard Nasal Spray and Be-OnGuard Mouth Spray can be your trusted allies in safeguarding against colds, flu, RSV, and Covid. Prioritize your health and relish every moment of your journey.

Safe travels,

Steven Warren, MD, PhD


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