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Ask Dr. Warren M.D., Ph.D.

Volume 1 No. 3 |

Ask Dr. Warren MD, PhD. Q&A 1

This email series is dedicated to helping people understand some of the techniques and strategies I use to help people stay healthy, avoid illnesses and get the most out of every dollar they spend on their health.


Can Methylene Blue help with Long Covid? What have you done and/or used to help patients suffering from Long-Covid?



I absolutely believe it can, I have found that Methylene Blue can produce the following benefits for people dealing with long Covid.


Anti-Inflammatory Properties: Methylene blue has been studied for its anti-inflammatory effects. If long COVID symptoms involve chronic inflammation, methylene blue may have a role in modulating the inflammatory response.

Antioxidant Effects: As an antioxidant, methylene blue may help combat oxidative stress, which is implicated in various health conditions, including those associated with long COVID.

Mitochondrial Support: Methylene blue has been investigated for its positive effects on mitochondrial function. If mitochondrial dysfunction contributes to long COVID symptoms, methylene blue's ability to support cellular energy production might be beneficial.

Cognitive Support: Some long COVID patients report cognitive difficulties or "brain fog." Methylene blue has been studied for its potential cognitive- enhancing effects, and it might address cognitive symptoms associated with long COVID.


These are the products and what I have had people use, that have had long Covid issues.

Be-OnGuard Brain Fog Support bottle

Be-OnGuard Brain Fog Support Drops I have them take one full dropper (1 ML) full each morning.

ADHD 365 bottle and tablets

Advanced Daily Health Defense “ADHD” 365 Tablets I have people start by taking 2 tablets at the same time they take the Brain Fog Support drops. If they lack energy and feel fatigued around 2 pm I have them take 1 or 2 more tablets.

Be-OnGuard Nasal Spray bottle

Be-OnGuard Nasal Spray I have my patients use this twice daily, two squirts up each nostril.

Many Doctors are starting to offer these products at their offices. You can also purchase all three products online.

This is a starting point that I have seen a lot of success. Remember everyone is different and fine-tune and adjust based on the person and their response.

Yours In Health and Wellness!

Steven Warren, MD, PhD


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